Opposable Thoughts

     …is all about arguing (or debating if you want to be PC about it) about the hot button topics that people like to politely decline from arguing about. Rather than discouraging discourse, we’d like to encourage intelligent debate. So many problems are caused by ignorance and collectively putting our heads in the sand like so many ostriches hoping for someone to come along and figure it out for us is not a realistic way of dealing with problems. Neither is blindly following some simplistic dogma. The reality is that the problems we face are complex and cannot be solved with bumper-sticker solutions. Perhaps, if we more fully understand the intricacies and challenge ourselves to look at an issue from all sides, we can create a better world.

Or we could just be arguing with ourselves.

About the contributors:

AJ is very progressive and typically (but not always) falls on the left side of the political spectrum. He considers himself to be pretty well informed on most issues, but recognizes that no one has all the knowledge about any topic. He tries to make decisions and take stances based on factual evidence rather than on any personal feelings or religious beliefs. He likes to argue and will have lengthy discussions about minutiae that might drive other people crazy. He reads voraciously; mostly about economics and politics.

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